I should probably start another list

Date October 12, 2010

I think I left the womb a dreamer and I haven’t let up since.

When I was too little to remember my age, I dreamed that I could live off of chocolate milk alone.  When I was in kindergarten, I dreamed that Robin and I would be dancers on the Vaudeville stage.  At the ripe old age of seven, I dreamed of riding my bicycle with the banana seat as fast as my little brother rode his Street Flyer.

In second grade, I dreamed of writing a poem that had more than eight lines and of moving to Australia.  In the fifth grade, I dreamed of living in the mountains with my grandfather a la Heidi.  As an awkward adolescent, I dreamed of the day when braces would give way to a Kelly Kapowski grin; I already had her bangs.

As a training-bra-sporting eighth grader, I dreamed of going on a date with a football player and not having to ask my dad for permission first.  At sixteen, I dreamed that young love would conquer all and as a where-did-the-time-go senior, I dreamed of living next door to Ada in Pontotoc forever.

My freshman year in college I dreamed of being obscure and by the following fall, I was dreaming of far off places and starting a two-man band with Pat.  At twenty-two I dreamed of changing the world one child at a time and by twenty-four I was writing letters to Lex on Post-It notes and dreaming of far off places again.

When I was twenty-seven I dreamed of coming home.

And at the ripe old age of how-old-I-am-today, I realize that I dream myself around this world a thousand times and I can’t get out of this place.

So rather than move or leave, I look back at that List o’ Dreams I made so very long ago and I smile at the memories there.  And as I reminisce and read, I feel the teensiest bit of something strangely familiar move in my stomach and I realize that I’m dreaming things all over again.

5 Responses to “I should probably start another list”

  1. Me said:

    So sweet. Glad you used my favorite quote! Hope you had a good day yesterday!

  2. Lou said:

    I took a look at your list o dreams……….aw the northern lights……that is one of mine too.
    I also dream of taking my sweet boy west to the majestic Rocky Mountians and beyond.

    I hope you had a great day….on THAT day.

  3. felicia said:

    I think I love everything about this post…all the links and everything….you made my day

  4. sisser said:

    the dreamin’ ain’t over, sisser. i’m gone get dat marriage to me, then we gone start stashin’ money from our hubs and we gone take us some trips. without them, obviously. they can go play together, kill some animals or somefin. and they ain’t gonna complain. i mean, why in the hell else would i be considerin’ that marriage shiz if it ain’t to hang out wif my sisser. i mean, is it a coincidence i happen to be auditioning your brother-in-law for the role of husband. i think not.

  5. robin said:

    I still do a little dancin’ in my spare time, mahse’f.