I could not make this up.

Date January 10, 2013

Room 406 was chaos today.

The pencil sharpener broke.  The stapler stapled a finger.  That boy got on this girl’s nerves and that girl had an earache.

P.E. was canceled.  It rained at recess.  The cafeteria ran out of chicken nuggets and “no one’s even LISS-A-NING to me!”

I honestly thought that the day would never, ever end.

Oh, but it did.

It ended with, “Lady, you’s makin’ me sick” and a splattering puddle of puke on the floor.

One Response to “I could not make this up.”

  1. Clif Mims said:

    Don’t worry — there are less than 100 days left in the year.

    Hang in there. They’ll make you laugh so hard that you’ll cry tomorrow.