Entries from August 2008

teacher temper flarin’. it happens.

Date August 28, 2008

Disclaimer: I’m a good teacher. I hug my kids. I love my kids. I’m a good teacher. I really, really am. The scene. Two hundred Colombian kids in one small cafeteria. Eight teachers on duty plus all of the lunch ladies that I love. There are lentils for lunch. My favorite! There are two fourth […]

another niece for me.

Date August 25, 2008

Seriously, these are two of my very favorite people. She was my assistant my first year teaching. She’s organized and honest and she loves Jesus bigger and better than anyone I know. Part of her heart is in Africa and her car is always a disaster. She used to write me little notes on the […]

1 Thing

Date August 22, 2008

I’m guest blogging for Dr. Mims today as part of his 1 Thing series. You can read my post here. (I’m really proud of this one.  Y’all check it out and let me know what you think!)

one night. three of my favorite things.

Date August 22, 2008

I spent four of the five Thursday nights that I was home at The Sizzler. I ate until I thought I could hold no more and I laughed and visited with the regular crowd. And each of those Thursdays I’d make my way toward the register to pay my ticket only to find that “tonight’s […]

dadgum good

Date August 20, 2008

Yesterday started out as a sort of bummer. I got home, took out my running shoes, laced them up and met some friends for a jog. We ended up on the track below my house. And I think my insides jumped a little. Ten years and thirty pounds ago I was really fast. That’s not […]

peace by piece

Date August 20, 2008

Somedays it’s hard to find a rhythm. I catch myself hurrying about, not taking the time to settle into a comfortable pattern. I let memories of yesterdays flood me and forget that there’s a brand new today right in front of me. I get lost in daydreams and wanting and I picture myself in anywhere […]

Sometimes a girl needs Boomama back up

Date August 17, 2008

Dear Boomama, I didn’t know who else might sympathize the way that you would.  We are kindred spirits, you know.  How could we not be?  Southern girls, Mississippi born and raised.  Bulldogs by choice.  MA-ROOON!  WHITE!  See the spirit?  Do you FEEL the spirit?  I have it.  You have it.  WE have it, Boomama! So, […]

Tan Bella

Date August 15, 2008

It’s no secret that I love cafeteria ladies.  I love the heart that they have for serving and I appreciate how hard they work, not to mention that I heard all sorts of tales from the lunch room as a child.  My grandmother, after all, worked in the cafeteria for umpteen dozen years.  So, each year […]

Me Bags

Date August 13, 2008

I like beginning of the year activities. They’re a chance to get to know one another and to be silly and to build community. One of my favorites is Me Bags. I ask kids to put three objects that best represent themselves in a bag and to share the contents with the class. Today there […]

fashion and teaching just don’t mix

Date August 12, 2008

I had the perfect outfit. Black shirt, business cut. Gray pants. Flat front. I had the perfect hair. Half up. No fly aways. A little oomph. Very teacher on her first day. Even Big Mama would have been proud. Oh, and the shoes. A Target special, but still dee-vine in every way. A divine that […]