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a moment in today

Date August 27, 2009

The summer I was fifteen I worked as a lifeguard at our small city pool.  I wanted a tan and the chance to flirt with boys that were older than me and played on the football team.  The money was average at best, but it allowed me to get my driver’s license early and go […]

today i’m in the sun

Date March 31, 2009

I stared in awe at the distance. The sky was dark and ominous like the shadow of some growling monster ripped from a childhood nightmare  and I’m almost certain that I could see the rain falling in enormous, lethargic drops.  I stood bathed in mountain sunshine as I watched the storm rage in a part […]

hypothetically speaking

Date March 28, 2009

There was this one time, like 352,000 years ago– like not in this life, but in another one— when I promised to help do 467 million different things all in the shortest timeframe known to man. And that one time I forgot that there was only one of me and that sometimes I get sleepy […]


Date March 12, 2009

Have you ever felt like you said so much or wrote so much or prayed so much that all of your words were used up? Like every word you had was gone. And all there’s left to do is be quiet for awhile.

timing and direction

Date February 27, 2009

My friends are perpetually late.  All of them, if you can believe it, but especially the Rossettis.  And the truth is, it may very well be my favorite thing about them. There was a package on my desk this morning – one whose return address was stateside.  I tore it open like an anxious child […]


Date February 10, 2009

After the longest day of my life, I drug a bowl out of the cabinet, poured some cereal for my dinner, and pulled my only box (yes, box) of milk from the fridge. Then, I gracefully dropped said box of milk onto the floor. I watched the thick, white liquid gurgle and spill and run like a lactose river across […]

the wheels on go ’round, the brakes go psycho and i’m goin’ home

Date December 14, 2008

Getting to school is no easy task. A bus picks the teachers up early every morning and takes us down the mountain, through the valley, up the other side and to the little red schoolhouse.  I generally fire up the ole ipod and zone out for the trip.  Well, zone out while simultaneously trying desperately […]

a keepsake of sorts

Date December 8, 2008

There was a time when I thought a broken heart was the greatest tragedy of all. Now I know it’s not like that really.  It seems a broken heart is just another one of life’s aches.  An ache that is there within, but that goes unnoticed some days.  It’s a sort of hurt that hides […]

teddy bear shmeddy bear

Date November 20, 2008

School has been out all week due to the landslide situation here in Manizales.  We’re still under red alert and praying against the rain, but teachers came to school today. We called it a curriculum day in the hopes that we won’t have to extend the year once June rolls around.  (Heaven help me if […]