Entries from April 2009


Date April 30, 2009

Puentes are a blessing and I’m running away. To a town not very far from here with a family that calls me their own. To walk and sleep and ride on horses. To write more stories and dream more dreams and share them all with you. Back on Monday, friends.


Date April 30, 2009

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. like always, put my feet on the cold tile floor, shuffled to the bathroom.  Washed my face, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair into a ponytail.  A “cheer pony” for Sisser. Running shoes, jacket, keys, watch. Good morning to the doorman, then out onto the street. And try as […]

India’s hope and a heart that’s still there.

Date April 27, 2009

I still remember the day that Lindsay left for India.  She was all nerves and excitement and living her dream and leaving her love behind- even if she didn’t know he was her love just yet. She’s all fierce and gentle like that and I prayed for her heart while she was gone and for […]

this is my life

Date April 26, 2009

Two friends and I spent the weekend down the mountain where the sun shines without fail.  We layed underneath it and let our skin turn pink as we drank juice and listened to music from the finca next door. Late this afternoon as we pulled back into Manizales and the familiar cloudy sky, Celeste said, […]

life maps and laughs

Date April 24, 2009

Sometimes I totally nerd out as a teacher. Last night in my PTA adult English class, we were working on life maps.  Each person was to use bubble letters (woot! woot! throw back to high school!) to write their name and then use pictures or words inside the bubbles to show the most important events […]


Date April 20, 2009

We’re sitting in her living room, the smell of peanut butter and marshmallows hanging in the air like day-old birthday balloons.  The heat of a Mississippi summer and the buzz of an oscillating fan are lulling me to sleep and Gran is rocking in her blue chair. She’s humming a song she’s made up as […]

the gentleman

Date April 19, 2009

“Sebas, I know that you think third graders are no good at soccer and I know that you get frustrated with them and I realize that all the other boys use those words, but gentleman do not behave that way!  Do you understand me?!  Gentleman. do. not. behave. that. way!” “Yes, Mees.  But, Mees, it’s […]

Finding the Lost City

Date April 15, 2009

Day 3 We were warned that today would be the toughest day of the hike, so we got up early to hide from some of the jungle heat and to make our way to the City before lunch. The walking was precarious and more than once my feet slipped on rocks that weren’t meant to […]

a peak into the week

Date April 13, 2009

Below are entries from my journal.  The rest to follow.  I promise. Day 1, end Dear Jesus, Please help me not to do bodily harm to my friend, Jill.  This torture is all her fault.  Amen. Got up early, met the crew and guide.  Jill and I volunteered to ride los motos to the pueblo […]

Spring Break Plans

Date April 3, 2009

Con mi amiga Jill Braving the last flight out of Manizales on an ever cloudy Friday. To get to a hostel I don’t know the name of So we can leave at sun up. For Six days of hiking through the jungle. And five nights sleeping in hammocks. Across two rivers Climbing 1200 stone steps. […]