Entries from August 2009

a moment in today

Date August 27, 2009

The summer I was fifteen I worked as a lifeguard at our small city pool.  I wanted a tan and the chance to flirt with boys that were older than me and played on the football team.  The money was average at best, but it allowed me to get my driver’s license early and go […]

something like that

Date August 25, 2009

Sitting next to Kevin at lunch: “Ms. Edgar, so this milk come from a chocolate cow or what?”

thanks, i think

Date August 20, 2009

I’m not one of those seasoned teachers that has their craft worked out to a smudgeless art.  I’m not one of those cutsie teachers with a cheer pony and a matchy matchy outfit.  No, I’m not that at all. In fact, today is only number nine of 187 blessed contract days. My feet look like […]

a new adventure

Date August 19, 2009

I was never the little girl that dreamed about dresses that swooshed.  I dreamed about mud huts in Africa and unexplored jungles in the Amazon.  I dreamed about writing books and being a back-up singer for Reba.  Those were my fairy tales. At least I thought they were. And if you’re interested there are some […]