Robin and Me.

Date January 9, 2013

Aren’t we cute there on the end?  I’m sure my mom told me to sweep that pony right over my shoulder.

I was all about it.

Her mom probably told her to smile and act like a lady.

We were better behaved back then.


We got older in years and younger at heart.

She moved north.

I moved south.

She came to see me.

robin and me

We ate.

We drank.

And we were merry.

And now there’s this:


Welcome to the world, little man.

Your mom sure is something extraordinary.

A dreamer.

A friend.

A storyteller.

A muse.

Oh, what a future there is for you!

One Response to “Robin and Me.”

  1. Dani said:

    My Abbey came home from school talking about this girl on the bus and how they were going to be such good friends. It was many months before I realized that this precious Rosa Lee that never made fun of Abbey’s allergies was Robin’s daughter! I just love her sweet little family!!