Entries from January 2013

I could not make this up.

Date January 10, 2013

Room 406 was chaos today. The pencil sharpener broke.  The stapler stapled a finger.  That boy got on this girl’s nerves and that girl had an earache. P.E. was canceled.  It rained at recess.  The cafeteria ran out of chicken nuggets and “no one’s even LISS-A-NING to me!” I honestly thought that the day would […]

Robin and Me.

Date January 9, 2013

Aren’t we cute there on the end?  I’m sure my mom told me to sweep that pony right over my shoulder. I was all about it. Her mom probably told her to smile and act like a lady. We were better behaved back then. We got older in years and younger at heart. She moved […]

The things they teach me.

Date January 7, 2013

“Well, my deddy says I ain’t always gonna get what I want, but I’m always ‘on have what I need.”

don’t fence me in.

Date January 4, 2013

She was sitting on her haunches, a ragged bundle of white fur surrounded by chain-link.  I saw her across the gravel drive on Church Street, the summer sun hot and fierce and her without any shade for respite.  I had to have her. So, Daddy went to pick her up for me and she got […]

Why not, right?

Date January 2, 2013

I’ve always been a commuter, if that’s what you call it.  The ride has never been an hour or anything, but I reckon anything over eleven minutes (i.e. the amount of time it took to get from Momma’s to the Sonic) counts as a commute.  In most of the places I’ve lived and worked I’ve […]