Entries from November 2008

not exactly e.e. cummings gets the credit

Date November 28, 2008

This post was inspired by this guy. Even if he doesn’t update his blog or leave his real name in the comments. Y’all should go leave him sweet, encouraging messages. He’d like that.

for these things, I give thanks

Date November 27, 2008

breaks in the clouds and thinking out loud front porch swings and sunburn stings second chances and nighttime dances Sisser’s talks and camp trail walks hope with feathers and changing weather empanadas and breakfast at Momma’s church bells and ocean swells singing a-cappella and stories about Bella morning runs and Wonder Bread buns my spot […]

sliding mud and breaking hearts

Date November 27, 2008

It’s late afternoon and I’m sitting in my apartment alone.  The morning sun has given way to an afternoon rain and like the Manizales soil, my heart is heavy. Two weeks ago we received more rain in one night than we usually get in the entire month of November.  By the time dawn broke the […]

teacher fashion is the next big thing

Date November 24, 2008

I like to imagine that if you saw me in a crowd you’d think rockstar or artist or writer or America’s Next Top Model. Okay, that last one’s a stretch, but a girl needs dreams. Sadly, I am none of those things, and today when I saw my reflection in a window all I could […]

teddy bear shmeddy bear

Date November 20, 2008

School has been out all week due to the landslide situation here in Manizales.  We’re still under red alert and praying against the rain, but teachers came to school today. We called it a curriculum day in the hopes that we won’t have to extend the year once June rolls around.  (Heaven help me if […]

my thoughts are a little listy today.

Date November 18, 2008

I’m glad I didn’t tell Daddy that there are earthquakes here. There are no snow days in Manizales.  But there are landslide days. There’s a volcano, too, but I think we’re safe. Then, there’s the rain. And the rain. Rain causes the landslides. I thought I was going to spend my last living moment with […]

Seriously? My umbrella?

Date November 17, 2008

I stand out on a typical day in Manizales. My hair is blonde and my eyes are blue although to some it would seem that I’m green with wings.  At least that’s how they stare. Add rain to that and I’m a one woman freak show. Because I carry a polka dot umbrella. At least […]

But it’s still Spanglish sometimes

Date November 14, 2008

When I arrived in Colombia, I was sure that I would be surviving on sign language and charades forever.  Going to the grocery store was a chore and catching the bus was impossible.  And talking to my students’ parents?  Yeah, right.   I’ve come a long way. Our principal ran our staff meeting in Spanish last week […]

for baby drew

Date November 11, 2008

A castle stood among the rocks where waves came crashing round and on her walls sat knights with swords and at her gates were guards. I stood a bit beneath the sun and watched their chainmail shine then carefully approached the bridge and asked to go inside. The guard bowed low and winked at me then […]

listen here, internet.

Date November 10, 2008

Traffic jams don’t really bother me.  Neither do long lines in Wal-Mart or the grocery store.  I don’t get stressed when it takes me ages to get my food in a restaurant.  I’m generally pretty patient.  Hello.  I work with nine year olds.  I have to be. Truth be told, I can only think of […]