Entries from February 2010

direct quote (read: shameless kid-speak to follow. may engage gag reflex. read at your own risk.)

Date February 24, 2010

“Mih Eger, you know when you had done sneezed and sumpin’ happens?” “Um, something like what, honey?  Like when someone says ‘Bless you.”? “No, ma’am.  Like when you sneeze and a lil bit o’ boo boo comes out.  Cause that had happened to me right now.”

it’s just around the corner, right?

Date February 22, 2010

It feels like my feet haven’t been warm at all in the last ten years.  It’s raining again and I think I left my umbrella hanging on that little blue hook in the back of my classroom.  My hair is flat and lifeless; my temper’s fuse is short and ever-burning. There are dark circles under […]