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hypothetically speaking

Date March 28, 2009

There was this one time, like 352,000 years ago– like not in this life, but in another one— when I promised to help do 467 million different things all in the shortest timeframe known to man. And that one time I forgot that there was only one of me and that sometimes I get sleepy […]

read Pat’s story instead

Date January 21, 2009

This year has been hard on me.  The being away, for sure, but also because it’s the first year that I followed the election with any sense of ownership.  I generally just get a cheat sheet from my mom and take it with me to the polls, but I didn’t want to do that this year.  […]

A new year

Date January 14, 2009

I like new beginnings, fresh starts.  That’s obvious enough seeing as how I pack up the contents of my life and move them all over the planet time and time again.  But there truly is something so empowering about getting to know what once seemed impossible.  Even if what you’re getting to know is yourself. […]