Me Bags

Date August 13, 2008

I like beginning of the year activities. They’re a chance to get to know one another and to be silly and to build community. One of my favorites is Me Bags. I ask kids to put three objects that best represent themselves in a bag and to share the contents with the class. Today there were teddy bears and books and pictures of families. There were cleats and golf balls and art kits. Oh, and one handsome young fellow who pulled out a mirror “cause I like to look good,” he said.

I pondered my own Me Bag for awhile. What three objects represent me? How can you tell a crowd who you are using just three things? I worried myself senseless choosing those objects, but I finally did it.

A running shoe. I am, after all, a runner. In more ways than one.

An index card I use as a bookmark that reads, “Love with action and in truth.” I should do more of that.

A picture of Sisser and me standing by the water. Because if I could be with anyone, anywhere that’d be it.

Now you tell me. What would you put in your Me Bag?

9 Responses to “Me Bags”

  1. Amy Laboe said:

    sneakers, a flask (w/ Ron Vieja de Caldas), and my journal. I like to play, play harder, and then reflect. I think that’s all I need. Exercise, spirits, and writing.

  2. Lou said:

    Talk about worring yourself senseless….as a matter of fact I am going to have to think on this a bit more and get back to you. This will dominate my thoughts today and I will probably be very unproductive because of it.

  3. Dani said:

    I am like Lou, I had to think about this one for a while. But, here are the three things:

    my Bible- I can’t live without it. It is the one Book that gives me strength day to day.

    A picture of my 3 beautiful kids- another thing that gives me strength.

    the tape of me singing to Jason at our wedding- It reminds me that he is a great man and even though he makes me mad sometimes, he loves me and our kids. When I listen to it, I remember how much I loved him and how much more I love him now. Sappy?? haha

  4. Brenton said:

    I actually spent most of today working on this one. Thank you Miss Witt for the summer homework.

    1) A boiled crawfish, well seasoned by three drunken Cajuns – Almost more than a pint of cheap whiskey or a string of Mardi Gras beads, this is a symbolic and tasty reminder of how the past seven (oh dear) years in the Deep South have fundamentally changed me and my worldview (for the better, I guarantee).

    2) My Zia pendant. It’s been around my neck for over two years and reminds me of parts of my personality that I dig. The sense of adventure, the love of snowskiing and northern New Mexico, and the reminder that there are adventures out there for the taking. Plus, in Native American history, the Zia is known for its four points meaning many things:

    * the four points of the compass (north, south, east, and west);
    * the four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter);
    * the four periods of each day (morning, noon, evening and night);
    * the four seasons of life (childhood, youth, middle years and old age); and
    * the Zia’s belief that with life comes four sacred obligations one must develop (a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others).

    3) A picture of a group of platypuses (platypi?) To be a reminder that silliness is seen as a virtue and a necessary part of life by everyone from myself to God Himself. And the only thing sillier than one platypus is a group of them. Hence, myself and every group of friends and every bunch of lifeguards I’ve ever worked with.

    …. as with every creative writing assignment I’ve ever been given, I overdid this one. I hope I get an A.

    You rock.

  5. Lou said:

    Man this was hard! I have spent two days on this.

    First I would definitely have a picture of Colton because he is literally my life.

    I would like to put my Bible in but I have to say with all honesty that I don’t spend enough time reading and studing it.

    I would have to put a stick or rock or something like that in because I love the outdoors and all of God’s creation. Anything from a hike in the woods to working the garden. A beautiful full moon lit sky can bring me to a very special place.

    There are other things I thought about such as a menu because I love to try new foods and I absolutely love to eat really good food! Yes I need to loose weight too.

  6. Trava said:

    I think maybe a drawing pad, my old flute, and a softball glove. I may not be able to do all these things very well now, but I enjoyed them and miss them terribly!

  7. The Secret Life of Kat said:

    1. My Bible
    2. A pic of my family
    3. My macbook

  8. Stephen said:

    Lexie totally does this in her class because of you. She may have forgotten this year though.

    1) A CD full of improvised music (me, Miles Davis, I don’t care…somebody spontaneously reflecting the creativity of God)
    2) A picture of my Ella (even though there are only 3 right now…and they are black, white, and fuzzy)
    3) The verses in which Jesus answers the greatest commandment question–written down in Lexie’s handwriting (which makes me jump around inside)

  9. Nieca said:

    Well, I’m really behind.. I read this today and can honestly say that my brain usually works better, if I don’t think about it.

    1) I definitely would put my album of pictures of my kids and all the many other “kids” that I have called my own even if for a brief season.

    2) I would put my newest Praise and Worship book, because it not only represents my deepest love for music and piano, but also just how much I truly rely on God and want to only Praise and Worship Him, and want Him to receive unending praise for letting me live a life of music in every since of the word. I honestly don’t know where I would be if God had not hand-picked me to play the piano.

    3) Last, but definitely not least, I would put a picture of someone holding a volleyball and a softball glove. Those are two of my all-time favorite sports and both have such memories for me that I could literally spend days upon days talking about those sports and all that has happened while playing them!!!

    Em, I just love you, sweet pea… and I loved this “thought-provoking” and definitely “teacher-minded” question you plopped into my lap today (even though it was written on the 12th!!!