one night. three of my favorite things.

Date August 22, 2008

I spent four of the five Thursday nights that I was home at The Sizzler. I ate until I thought I could hold no more and I laughed and visited with the regular crowd. And each of those Thursdays I’d make my way toward the register to pay my ticket only to find that “tonight’s on me” or “Mr. Pete already paid for it” or “that gentleman has your ticket.” I’d feel guilty for a moment and then just smile to myself knowing that those folks are my Thursday family even if I’m not refilling their glasses.

I sat with a table full of friends on my last night there. They laughed when I asked the retired-English-teacher-turned-waitress that I love so much for toast and honey as my dessert. Next to me was part of my heart and she wasn’t laughing. She wasn’t surprised at all.

We’ve shared more music and car rides and snacks and stories than I thought was possible in a lifetime. I’ve wondered what in the world brought us together and how in the world I’d survive if she wasn’t with me. I’ve prayed for her and yelled at her and hugged her until it hurt. And I’ve thanked Jesus and Pat for trusting me with her for a while.

And now that little girl is growing up on me and I hate I’m missing it. But she’s doing just fine on her own, I think. She’s gotten the chance to tell me to get my act together (“You’re s’posed to be my role model, remember?”) and she’s loved on me when it was done. And she bought her own dinner that Thursday at the Sizzler and said, “Yes, I’ve got money” as if my question was the most absurd thing she’d ever heard.

And I was sort of tearful.

But then she asked if she could spend the night with me before I left. And she did. We talked and giggled at mistakes in our pasts (and our presents) and she thanked me for letting her know that I mess up sometimes, too. And we talked about her Daddy and we cried a little and missed him a lot. And we talked about that night at a theatre listening to Paul Thorn and how we could just ride and listen to good music forever.

And I wouldn’t trade that toast and honey or that hole-in-the-wall restaurant or that night with my bff for all the treasures in this world.

Currently my favorite picture. Can you see all of my favorite things?

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  1. Lou said:

    I am going to have to go to the Sizzler (on a Thursday) one of these days. I will have to let them know you are my cuz and get the low down on you. You make it such “a place” when you write about it.

    Love ya and have a great day,