with a side of biscuits, please.

Date December 22, 2008

We landed in Memphis late on Thursday night and I hurried through the concourse.  I was travel weary and travel dirty and still shocked by the transvestite Santa that had been sitting next to me, but there was the slightest skip in my step.

I saw Mom from a distance looking young and fresh and hip and my Sisser standing next to her sizing up my fashion sense or lack thereof.  Lex and Stephen and that bundle o’ joy were there, too, as they always are. 

And I think in that moment I figured out that home isn’t so much about a place as it is about the people.  It’s about the feeling you get when you see someone after six long months.  It’s not a giddy sort of feeling or an overwhelming sense of excitement.  It’s a warm contentment that I can’t rightly explain, something akin to the taste of apple cider and the smell of a wood burning fireplace.  That sort of feeling.  You know the one.

It’s stayed with me over the past four days heating slowly from the inside out and I’m enjoying the toasty sensation.  In fact, I think I’ll take three more weeks of it.

8 Responses to “with a side of biscuits, please.”

  1. me said:

    “Warm contentment” says it all. I’m going to call Peggers after Christmas and we are all going to hang out. You included. 🙂

  2. Brenton said:

    as long as you know i’m coming for you shortly after the 3rd of january. seriously. because i’ll be back then.

  3. Lindsay Nash said:

    I got a little warm contentment just reading about it. Soak it all in, Em.
    Merry Christmas! Hugs and kisses. And send my love to that boy Brenton who is coming for you January 3.

  4. Lou said:

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I am so excited to see you and just get a chance to sit and talk. Merry Chreasmas! (mothers on version)

  5. Kyles said:

    I’m so glad to hear your home safe and sound! I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with family and friends.
    Much Love

  6. Blake said:

    So you’re just down the road, right? Just over all those hills. If you come by Bev might cook you something that doesn’t have rice or beans in it. And we might could work on that back end too.

  7. Deanna said:

    Hey! I ran into Randy this weekend at Wal-Mart. I think he’s pretty happy you’re home! 🙂

  8. Emerson said:

    Dear Emily,
    We hope your holidays exceeded expectations, since that is the habit of abundance. we enjoyed your last several posts about “home” and the deep meaning that it holds. As a different take on some of the same feelings, we thought you might enjoy a couple of additional stories (unless you already saw them). We hope you are settled again with your other family in Colombia by now.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2009 full of excitement, challenge and learning!

    C and E