Top ten (characteristics of mature fifth graders)

Date March 31, 2011

When I went to pick my kids up from art today, there was purple paint everywhere.  They were covered in what looked like Barney beside a hand grenade– and the art teacher was, too.  Purple on her face, blood red in her cheeks, and thick black smoke coming out of her ears.

And I did not laugh.  Not at all.

Where any of them could see it.

So, we marched single file and “I SAID SI-LENT-LEE, boys and girls!” back to our classroom.

And then I went old school on those heathen chi’ren.

Twenty lines by twenty students entitled, “Characteristics of Mature Fifth Graders.”

Spelling and word choice unedited for your reading pleasure!  You’re welcome.

1.  Mature fifth graders now how to work.

2.  Mature fifth graders will keep their hands and feet to others.  (he really got the gist of that one!)

3.  We show respect when no one’s watching.

4.  Mature fifth graders stay by each other side.

5.  We never bagout.  (what?)

6.  Mature fifth graders walk with pride.

7.  We always post to be a team.

8.  We now not to panek ina kriset.  (That’d be “we know not to panic in a crisis.”)

9.  We never never never be a big gark (jerk) to won another.

10.  We always post to be rollmodlles.

Happy Friday!

7 Responses to “Top ten (characteristics of mature fifth graders)”

  1. Blake said:

    Um, who is teaching these kids spelling and grammar?

  2. deanna said:

    I’m ‘gone need you to work on their spelling and grammar skillz! (ha!)

    Maybe they can skip art class one day to study spelling?

    Bless you!

  3. Lou said:

    OMG! They are already in the 5th grade with this kind of grammer and spelling….

  4. me said:

    Lou, I taught 7th graders in Memphis who couldn’t even read. Emily, I miss working with you. 🙁

  5. Amy said:

    I think my faves are “post” and “gark.” Ima start using dem two. But the honesty of those is lovely!

  6. Robin said:

    made. my. day.

    I heart fifth grade minds.
    And their rollmoddllle caretakers.

  7. Trava said:

    Hey, Em! So what has happened to the posts? Love ya!