We Are Many Things

Date June 17, 2010

We are head strong and gentle.  Loving and crude.

We are courageous and meek.  Beautiful and scorned.

We are temperamental and stoic

And a river meandering through a shaded place.

We are reckless abandon and silliness

A flower bursting with pack-of-Skittles blooms.

We are mushy in the middle places and hard around the heart.

Calloused hands and ungroomed eyebrows

telling the stories of yesterdays.

A wanna-be-hippie and a shotgun wedding.

A yes, sir-no ma’am history and a passport-full-of-stamps future.

A monogrammed teacher tote on a made-for-backpacks shoulder.

A used-to-be-surfer and an ought-to-be-loner.

A weepy, celebrating, wondering, settled nomad of sorts.





out the many things.

We are.

I am.

What are you?

2 Responses to “We Are Many Things”

  1. Lou said:


  2. me said:

    I’ve missed your writing…. and I miss you!