and this is what i wrote

Date June 7, 2010

Nimbly she played.

Quietly she sang.

Songs of river stones.

Stories of time.

The sounds echoed through the forest in their gentle way, each sweet trill leading him.

Toward her.

As she played.

Songs of river stones.

Stories of time.

Until the boy was there beside the moving water.  Awestruck and frozen in his wonder.

Seeing her.

As she played.

Those songs of river stones.

Sweet stories of time.

Suddenly she is aware.  Her pale blue sprite eyes seeing him seeing her.

Then she is gone.

And there shall never be

more songs of river stones

nor stories of time.

One Response to “and this is what i wrote”

  1. Lou said:

    Awesome….truly awesome.

    I didn’t realize just how much I did miss it until this very moment.