institute sounds more like a place for crazies

Date June 6, 2010

Somehow I managed to weasel myself into this invitational summer writing institute.  I’m in no way, form, or fashion of the intellectual capacity to be a member of this elite group, but I’m BSing with the best of ’em.

My momma would be so proud.

Still, the institute has embedded within my day a time to write and I’m enjoying the journaling, editing, revising nerdiness.  It’s fun to see my own handwriting again in my own notebook with scribbles and scratches polluting the pages.  It’s all part of the process.

Or so they tell me.

Today we were given a picture.  We studied it.  We asked ourselves questions.  We wondered.

“What if he found her on purpose?”

“I wonder what made those ripples in the water.”

“What if he’s lost?”

“I wonder…”  “What if?”

And then, we wrote.

2 Responses to “institute sounds more like a place for crazies”

  1. Lou said:

    I am reading on.

  2. Sharon said:

    Yea! Emily’s back! I went to that crazy institute twenty years ago…changed my professional life! Sooo glad you’re there. You’ll make a great teacher/consultant.