Sometimes I love my job.

Date January 5, 2010

I rounded the corner onto the third grade hall this morning and stopped.  There, sitting quietly against the wall were nineteen brown faces.  Each in turn looked up and smiled at me– the kind of smile that asks, “Did you miss me?  Are you glad I’m back?’

I stifled a giggle and perhaps a tear or two before I opened up my arms.  In three seconds flat we were one muddled hug of third grade love.

7 Responses to “Sometimes I love my job.”

  1. Robin said:

    not too much in this life can challenge that sort of thing…


  2. deanna said:

    I bet you were just as happy to see them as they were to see you!

  3. Lindsay said:

    You make me smile. I’m really glad you’re back. 🙂

  4. Summer said:

    How sweet!! That just makes me smile.

  5. sherry said:

    Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to gather up all that love from those wonderful little critters!!!!

  6. Lou said:

    Life is good.

  7. Frances said:

    aw. That is adorable. 🙂