life maps and laughs

Date April 24, 2009

Sometimes I totally nerd out as a teacher.

Last night in my PTA adult English class, we were working on life maps.  Each person was to use bubble letters (woot! woot! throw back to high school!) to write their name and then use pictures or words inside the bubbles to show the most important events of their lives.

Now, I love teaching these adults.  They’re funny and witty and they have their minds in the gutter the biggest part of the time which inevitably makes my face red, but happens to be hysterical.

So, they’re all working away and coloring and thinking and looking like my fifth graders bent over their desks in concentration.

And then Guillermo in a bout of frustration exclaims with fervor, “Aye, Mees, this is impossible!  My name is longer than my life!”

I just had to laugh out loud.  Bless him.

Oh, and in case you’re a visual learner here’s my unfinished example:

the unfinished example I gave them

3 Responses to “life maps and laughs”

  1. K said:

    Zoom in–What did you write? Nosy, I know…

  2. Lou said:

    I could not read your example but I would bet you name is too short for your life.

  3. me said:

    You finally give a picture and the people still complain. Geez. Give the girl a break. Oh my, did I actually just say that?