costumes, candy and a basket full of tired

Date October 31, 2008

My brother works entirely too hard.  He’s successful and good with finances and long term planning.  He can fit in at a dinner with more forks than he needs and he’s right at home with a bunch of small town rednecks talking about hunting season or cleaning fish.

He’s versatile like that.

Brother reads this here blog every once in a while.  When he’s got a layover or some free time (which is rare), he’ll sit down and catch up on posts.

He called me today and asked about Lauren’s “SO inappropriate!!” comment that was in reference to the he-thinks-he’s-subtle Casanova.  Let it be stated that the girls and I don’t doubt for a second who left that shadiness in the comments section.

Moving on.

He and I laughed for a bit about the humor of the not so mysterious Casanova and then he asked how I’d been.  “Tired,” I said, “really tired.”

“Really?  How can you be tired?  You’re a school teacher.”


Bet you his IRA that he’s never been in an elementary building on Halloween.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

4 Responses to “costumes, candy and a basket full of tired”

  1. Sisser said:

    Brother gone be mad at a Sisser.

  2. Dani said:

    Y’all are so funny! I just think the 3 of y’all are so sweet! I can remember some times when Brother was mad at a Sisser and a Sisser was mad at a Sisser. Remember Suck Tail WOo ooo?? I still get tickled thinking about me babysitting you Em. What are you 2 years younger than me?? haha!

  3. Lou said:

    I wondered about that “Casanova” too. Mysterious! I don’t have a Sissor but I can tell you brothers are precious. I wouldn’t take Nate’s IRA for mine.

  4. Sisser said:

    just hit up them laughs at dani’s “suck tail” comment. hilar.