a fictional story

Date October 26, 2008

Once upon a time long, long ago and far, far away there was a little log cabin on a street in a small, small town.  And inside the cabin was a girl whose heart beat heavily within her.  It beat for peoples unknown and places unseen and stories untold and the sound of the beating grew ever louder.

So at last the young girl shed tears and said goodbyes and left the comfort of the cabin and her home.  She carried her dreams and her insecurities in two suitcases as she braved the wide, wide world alone.  The young one saw explosions of color in foreign sunsets and heard symphonies in the night and she was glad that she was gone.

But every once and again, she longed for the smell of those log walls in the small town that she had left behind.  And she thought of the way that the sky opened up and shone its light on a green tin roof in the first days of fall.

And the young girl promised that if she ever made it home again she would live there happily ever after.

10 Responses to “a fictional story”

  1. Lou said:

    Em, this is precious. Happily ever after….at home. Home is where ever you are happily ever after.

  2. Summer said:

    Beautiful, Emily. Absolutely beautiful writing. Can I be your agent?? I could quit grad school and go to law school instead. 🙂

  3. Stephen said:


  4. Deanna said:

    Feeling a little homesick?

    I’d love to travel the world over….but in the end I know I’ll always want to return to Longview/Pontotoc.

  5. Clif Mims said:

    Hang in there! 😛

  6. chowle said:

    Actually, it wasn’t so long ago nor so far away. And you can always go home – – that’s the wonderful thing about a sense of place called home. You can always go back.

  7. Robin said:

    Fall is here. The smell of woodsmoke is heavy in some places and makes me wish so badly for woods and solace. I want this wherever I am, however. Nature and solace. And the opportunity to enjoy it. Luckily this will still be available here in Pontotoc county for our generation, at least:)

  8. Trava said:

    The beat of the heart is the rhythm of journeys taken far away and the road taken home again. With every thump the heart remembers home and you’ll return, I have no doubt. The stories you’ll bring with you and the experiences that you’ll share will be worthy of a great book that I want to read. (HINT HINT)! Feel the love and feel the hugs!!!!

  9. Tami said:

    Across the street from the little cabin was a sometimes lonely old woman. The woman would look out her front windows or sit on her porch staring across at the little log cabin in the woods. Often times, the cabin was lonely also. It was left unattended and felt unloved. Other times, the cabin was filled with people, happiness, and love. Sometimes the love was for the little girl with the lonely heart who moved away…sometimes it was the sound of children roaming the rooms….sometimes the love was even for the obese dog that stole it’s pillows and took them to the little old lady across the street. The little log cabin knew that she would lovingly wash the pillows and place them gently back on her swing so that when the lonely girl returned home everything would be in its place.

    The little log cabin knew that she only had to wait patiently. One day, when the little girl no longer had a lonely heart, but her heart was filled with passion, adventure, and love, she would return into the comfort of her inner rooms. The little log cabin waits but only for the woman to return filled with life so that her life (the cabin’s life) will be filled also.

  10. Sisser said:

    Aww, Mrs. Tami. See, Em, you need to come home.