My adventures are never as cool as Lindsay’s

Date October 8, 2008

That could be because she isn’t with me….

Nonetheless, I’m off to the Amazon!

It’s October break here and three friends and I are headed out in the morning at a not-so-bright 3:00.  IN THE A.M.!

I have no clue where we’re staying or what we’re doing or what to pack or how my Spanish works in the wee hours of the morning, but I’m going.

And, I promise, I’ll blog it all when I get back.  (That’d be Saturday for those of you that check up on me.)

I’ll blog the Amazon, and how McDonald’s get props from me, and how blue paper thongs aren’t meant to be shared, and how I’m a sucker for the bad kids, and I’ll introduce you to a new bloggy friend.

Doesn’t that just make you guys all giddy with excitement inside?

I knew it would.

8 Responses to “My adventures are never as cool as Lindsay’s”

  1. Summer said:

    Can’t wait to read about it!!

  2. Deanna said:

    Have fun & be safe! Take some pictures too! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. Lou said:

    I AM TOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! (BTW my son says that too…reacon were he got it)

    Here comes Dorothy……YOU BE CAREFUL in all that jungle…and watch the other feller! (How I miss that great lady!)

  4. Trava said:

    you go, girl……….i love adventure!! share so of yours!

  5. Trava said:

    ahem……….i mean, share SOME of yours!!

  6. Lindsay said:

    (that’s my newest line to students these days..)

    Your adventures are too very cool. I would say even cooler than mine!!! Grass is always greener, eh?

    Swing across some vines for me.

  7. Blake said:

    It’s nearly Tuesday. No updates.

    And Em and Lindsay are missing out on Oxford adventures. Top that!

  8. Dani said:

    Em…. I have stalked your blogs for the past 2 days! Actuall, many times a day haha! You have got to share! I think me and the other family members are going into Em withdrawls!