Parents’ Day

Date May 8, 2009

I’ve had lots of hard days in Colombia.  I’m woman enough to admit that.

There was the Virus o’ Death and the time I made a scene in an airport. There was the apartment flood and the day my computer crashed.  Oh, and that one particular ride home from the valley when I nearly tossed my cookies.  And then, there was today.

Parents’ Day in Colombia.

And well, the thing is, I miss my parents.  ‘Cause they’re pretty much rockstars.  Okay, that’s a stretch.  Daddy’s a redneck bread man and Momma’s a banker with the sweetest Southern drawl in three states, but they’re rockstars to me and I miss them.

My students were asked by the administration to make cards to give to their parents at a school wide assembly this morning.  I wanted the ones we did to be extra special and something that moms and dads would hold onto for a while.  I even promised blow pops to kids that made their parents cry with their words.  Trashy excuse for bribery, I know.

For good measure, I made one of my own to use as an example.  My parents haven’t seen it, so I guess they didn’t cry and I didn’t shed a tear making it.  Not even one.  Because why would I?  I mean, I’m an adult for cryin’ out loud.  And I’m not emotional at all.  Really.

MOM:  my friend.  biscuit cooker.  banker.  sneezer.  late night giggler.  house decorator.  bargain shopper.  hardest worker.  go out to eater.  my Momma.

DAD:  my hero.  strong.  brave.  loving.  kind.  worker.  dancer.  baseball thrower.  pool fixer.  hugger.  breakfast buyer.  laugher.  my Daddy.

3 Responses to “Parents’ Day”

  1. sherry said:

    Your mamma and pop can cry now that they have seen it! I just read in a book about a teacher: “A mom came in the room today. The majority of the time when a parent comes in, it’s not to bring an apple to the teacher.”
    “She thanked you,…That’s an orchard?”
    “Yes, its not about teaching facts or assignments. It’s about…finding the switch. ”
    I bet you find lots of switches.
    Thanks for the orchard you share!

  2. Lou said:

    I love this Em. I didn’t cry either but barely.

  3. deanna said:

    I’ve always heard you appreciate your parents more, the older you get. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always appreciated my parents, but now that I’m older AND I’m a parent, I most definitely appreciate everything they sacrificed for me.

    I think we should all make our parents a card once a month. 🙂