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honesty scrap

Date January 22, 2009

I’m not so sure about this total honesty thing viewed by the world wide web, but Dani tagged me and I dare not let her down.  So, here goes.  Ten honest (and very random) things about me. #1- I rub my feet when I’m tired.  Well, the one on the bottom.  I stack them, see, […]

for these things, I give thanks

Date November 27, 2008

breaks in the clouds and thinking out loud front porch swings and sunburn stings second chances and nighttime dances Sisser’s talks and camp trail walks hope with feathers and changing weather empanadas and breakfast at Momma’s church bells and ocean swells singing a-cappella and stories about Bella morning runs and Wonder Bread buns my spot […]

and they all fit in a backpack

Date September 30, 2008

I’m a low maintenance sort of gal. I’m not about curls or lace or frills.  No fuss here. But there are some things that I’d rather not live without. In list form, of course: mascara (this kind is my favorite) lip stuff that lasts (for example) these shoes Sisser bought me (before they were cool) […]