Entries from March 2008

what i was reading.

Date March 27, 2008

Martin (mar-teen) caught me lying on my tummy in our classroom reading center this morning.  That little angel saw me when he snuck back into the room for his recess snack.   “Miss, what you are reading?” “A story about a very special man,” I told him.  “It is beautiful?” “Yes, Martin.  It is beautiful.” Who has […]

the strawberry man.

Date March 26, 2008

On Saturday mornings a young man comes into the city to sell his strawberries on the street.  I usually stop by after my run and buy 5.000 pesos worth.  These are no ordinary strawberries.  They’re perfectly ripe, beautiful, and still warm from the morning sun.  The man always carefully chooses the ones that are ” […]

positive post tuesday.

Date March 26, 2008

Brody offered up a challenge, remember? So, here’s my Tuesday. I’m not sure how so much wisdom can be wrapped up in a 20 year old kid, but it’s there. Wisdom and truth and a grown up sensibility with a childlike longing for the reckless. He’s a dreamer and an artist and a musician and […]

something about summer.

Date March 24, 2008

A friend told me once that he knew the only way that I survived winter was dreaming about the summer.  He knows me pretty well.  I live for summertime, the smell of chlorine and the tightness of my skin after a day in the sun.  I love runs on summer mornings and the way sweat […]

almost famous

Date March 20, 2008

I keep an envelope that says “mile money” in a super secret place. Every time that I do a long run I pay myself. Bribery, I know, but it works for me. Then, when I run more than 10 miles on my long run, I spend the money on something I’d never spend it on […]

a long way from tupelo

Date March 13, 2008

A little over a year ago I sat in the Lyric Theatre with a little girl that means more to me than I ever expected that she would.  I see bits of myself in her and wish that the mistakes I’ve made in this life could be hers as well so that she wouldn’t have to […]

a weekend.

Date March 12, 2008

I treasure my weekends and guard them as though they were King Tut’s wealth boxed into two measly days.  This weekend a friend asked me if I’d like to see the real Colombia and believe it or not, I said yes. We met early on Saturday in Villa Maria, a small town that shouts simplicity.  […]

be good to the lunch ladies.

Date March 7, 2008

It’s no secret.  I like food.  A lot.  And I like the food in Colombia.  I honestly do.  It’s fresh, generally not processed, and prepared by hand.  Given, I could live without the rice.  And the rice.  And, oh yeah, the rice, but it’s better than chili mac or the Potluck Fridays of Mississippi Mystery […]

Put your brick in the building.

Date March 5, 2008

Why do we so often choose the easy route? We choose it even if it’s at another’s expense. We do and it’s sad and we’re called to so much more. Rather than tearing each other down with words and actions we’re called to build each other up. Brody’s starting a revolution. Times 39. I’m jumping […]

kids are funny.

Date March 4, 2008

There’s this kid in one of my extra curriculars that I adore.  He’s cool, has band hair, a great sense of humor, and super English.  He plays the guitar and rules the recess ping pong tables.  He’s smart, athletic, creative, a total heart breaker in the making.  His name’s Jacobo and I heard this story […]