Entries from January 2009

For a Reid among reeds

Date January 29, 2009

  The muddy shore is home to things like turtles, frogs, and such. But reeds that sway their cat-like tails impress me twice as much. They bow and dance as the wind goes by; sometimes you can hear them purr. The quiet hum of river kings and raft-bound conquerors. And in their songs I see […]

first year tears

Date January 28, 2009

Her face was a deep scarlet and her shoulders heaved up and down as the tears soaked her face.  Her black, collared shirt looked pressed and put together and her shoes clicked as she walked, but her sobs overshadowed it all. I let her cry and did my best to comfort her without crumbling myself. […]

a blast from my camp counselor past

Date January 26, 2009

We had a lock in for the kids that participate in Destination Imagination, a program that encourages creative and critical thinking and lots of teamwork, on Friday night.  The idea of the lock in was to provide workshops on different aspects of the program and to build a sense of unity among the teams. For […]

honesty scrap

Date January 22, 2009

I’m not so sure about this total honesty thing viewed by the world wide web, but Dani tagged me and I dare not let her down.  So, here goes.  Ten honest (and very random) things about me. #1- I rub my feet when I’m tired.  Well, the one on the bottom.  I stack them, see, […]

read Pat’s story instead

Date January 21, 2009

This year has been hard on me.  The being away, for sure, but also because it’s the first year that I followed the election with any sense of ownership.  I generally just get a cheat sheet from my mom and take it with me to the polls, but I didn’t want to do that this year.  […]

fifth graders flirt and i’m against it

Date January 19, 2009

Teaching fifth graders has been an adjustment for me.  No, they don’t lose teeth anymore and that’s a plus.  Their whiny voices rarely rear their ugly heads and instructions are generally heard and followed without the third grade tendency to ask 563 questions and those things make me happy. But they hold hands and giggle […]

i’m living it

Date January 14, 2009

Travel is the funniest thing. It’s all invigorating at the onset.  There’s the planning or the lack there of and there’s the telling people that no, you aren’t crazy and that yes, you’ll be back.  Then, there’s the going and seeing and swearing that there can’t possibly be another place like this one on all […]

A new year

Date January 14, 2009

I like new beginnings, fresh starts.  That’s obvious enough seeing as how I pack up the contents of my life and move them all over the planet time and time again.  But there truly is something so empowering about getting to know what once seemed impossible.  Even if what you’re getting to know is yourself. […]

because there’s no way to catch up on three weeks sans internet

Date January 12, 2009

Three breakfasts in one day helps you gain 2 or 12 pounds.  I’m just sayin’. Momma’s house smelled just like I remembered it. Sisser and I took Mamaw to visit a friend from college and loved it. The family played an obscene amount of games.  Mississippi Marbles is my new favorite. the aforementioned family.  the […]