emotional trainwreck

Date May 7, 2008

My parents are cool. They just are. Daddy’s funny and I’ll always be his girl. I call him when I have fender benders or need money. (Cause Mom’s hard core and kinda scares me and Daddy’s not afraid of anything. Except wasps.)

But I digress.

This post is about Mom and me and late nights and an unholy amount of tears and giggles and such. So, on with it I suppose.

I remember coming home late when I was in high school. Mom never waited up, but I always woke her when I got home. She’d sit up in bed, turn the lamp on, and we’d giggle about my night or she’d listen while I cried. I don’t know what possessed me as an 18 year old to tell her everything, but I always did. Sometimes we’d go to the kitchen and talk over midnight snacks waking Daddy with our peels of laughter echoing through the house. I’ve never worried about calling home too late or calling for no reason and I’ve always wanted to call and tell Mom all about whatever it is that’s going on at the moment. I remember I even called her after my first date in college. I got home at three in the morning and called as soon as I walked through the door. My roommate couldn’t believe it. We were supposed to be all free to do whatever we pleased until whatever hour and not have to tell a soul, but I wanted to tell Mom.  At three in the morning.

I still call her late.

I layed down Monday night, but couldn’t sleep. My head was full of crazy thoughts and they were fighting with each other and with me and the result was me calling Mom. It was after midnight and I was sobbing like the emotional trainwreck that I am. It wasn’t pretty and there was no reason for it at all and I tried to survive it like a grown up who lives in a foreign country and is independent and tough. (because I AM all of those things! I really am.) But, I’m 27 and I was crying myself to sleep and I wanted my Momma. So, I called her and we talked for more than an hour and I felt like I was 18 and home again.

3 Responses to “emotional trainwreck”

  1. Deanna said:

    Aww…how sweet! Kay is to you how Sharron is to me…she’s my mother & best friend. She never stayed up waiting on us to get home either but expected us to wake her the moment we walked in the house. She would always be the first to ask how a date went & if we ‘got any sugar’ and if we said no then she wanted to know why not. She’s a great road-trip buddy & an excellent shopping partner. Still, to this day, I consider her the bestest of the best friends in the whole wide world…on top of being an awesome mom. I’m glad to know others have this type of relationship with their moms too! Another good read, Emily…keep it up! 🙂

  2. Lou said:

    Hey Em! I am glad to know that you are not too independent to still call home. Moms are the absolute most wonderful creation God has ever made. (with dads coming in a close second) Mother is my confidant, my reference, according to some here lately my mirror image. I was told by Shana and Jeremy just last week that I sound like her. I can (very often and especially since I have become a mom) hear her in myself.
    I bet you feel this way too, I could spend all day with my mother and I would still want to talk to her when I got home.
    Love Ya and enjoyed it.

  3. Pete Wilson said:

    Isn’t it amazing that role that mothers play in our life. I’m 33 and my mom is an important part of who I am. There are times that just hearing her voice brings me peace and comfort.