Entries from August 2010

evidently I’ve got one foot in the grave.

Date August 5, 2010

Running has always been a getaway of sorts for me, my exercise of choice.  A routine that requires nothing more than a decent pair of tennis shoes and a ponytail holder. Cheaper than a gym membership.  More skin covered than swimming laps.  Less annoying than “Five more, ladies, feel it burn!”. I run for all […]

this post was not written so you could lecture me on the importance of sun safety.

Date August 3, 2010

I feel it.  That river of sweat rolling down my spine, veering just to the left before it cascades over my meaty waist line.  Nice. That guy with the weird voice– the one on the radio– says it’s 102 degrees outside today and I believe him. There’s another river in the making.  This one’s starting […]