his papaw was my preacher

Date June 19, 2008

Teaching is far from easy.  In fact, some days I go home, throw myself on the floor, kick, scream, and swear that I’ll be a nurse someday.  Or a beautician.  Or an opera singer.  Or a mime.  Or anything on the face of the planet rather than a teacher.  Some days it’s really that bad. 

But then there are days like my first day.  Or funny things that kids say.  Or the sight of kids bobbing their precious heads to the sounds of The Drifters on a Friday afternoon.  Or sweet voices singing along to the Jonas Brothers.  (Heaven help me.  I think I like the Jonas Brothers.)  Or students who tell you they’re writing a book for you.  Or that your pants are ugly. 

The first year I taught there was a little boy in my class that I just loved.  I adored him because he was all boy.  He got sweaty at recess, wore his baseball uniform to school, and he didn’t like girls.  He also came to swim every afternoon at the pool where I worked.  One day while he was waiting on his mom to come out of the dressing room he looked at me and said, “Miss Witt, I’ve been praying for your husband.”  I was floored and humbled by the way that that little boy had my future in his prayers. 

About a week later, another student’s parents came to the restaurant that I love so much.  As I was writing down their drink order I told them the story of the little boy and his prayer.  I nearly choked when the dad said, “Well, Miss Witt, Brett would be praying for that, but the thing is he thinks he is that man.”

How stinking cute is that?   (and yes, I had three jobs and I sort of loved them all.)


4 Responses to “his papaw was my preacher”

  1. Lou said:

    How funny! I just love these kid stories that you are full of. I wish I could write down everything that Colton says. He is always saying something that just takes you by suprise. Just yesterday Sheila was telling me something that he had told her. She was using the restroom (at her home) and didn’t have the light on. Colton came in on her and he ask “why you not have light ons?” She replied “I just didn’t think I needed it” and he came back with “You could see better wis it ons”. He is just full of it that way all the time. 2 1/2 (today) going on 5

  2. Dani said:

    I love kids (obviously, since I’m about to have #3). They can say such funny things. I never know what will come out of Tyler & Abbey’s mouth. Poor Deanna, I think she hears the worst part at church. She teaches them at night and is always telling me crazy stuff they come up with.

  3. Deanna said:

    Note to Dani: Tyler & Abbey are hilarious! I love having them in my class.

    Now Emily, I’m sure you’ll hear many more cute sayings from your students but I honestly think these two little boys have outdone them all! How sweet!

  4. Blake said:

    I’ve been to the year 3000….