kid quotes

Date April 23, 2008

Yes, I really taught all of these children and yes, they really said all of these things.

From Mississippi 4th graders

“It feels like a fluffy cloud when I hug you.”


Me: “Do you think I could wear your jacket?”

cute boy that’s smarter than he realizes:  “Prolly not.”

Me: “Why not?”

cute boy that’s smarter than he realizes:  “Your arms are longer.”


“If the world is upside down, does the water fall out?”


“I need some serious counseling for this poetry stuff.”


kid that knows me really well: “Scoot back!  She’s claustrophobic.”

another kid: “Does that mean she’s afraid of Santa Clause?”


 “Okay, I tried context clues and the dictionary, but I still don’t get it.  What exactly are the birds and the bees?”


From Colombian 3rd graders

kid:  “Is this the right word?” (written on a test) “Dragon poot the food in his car.”

the beginning of a Halloween story: “One saponet time at night…”


“I like the way you smell.”


“You know one thing?  I love you so much.”



8 Responses to “kid quotes”

  1. Stephen said:

    Poot. HAHAHAHAA. 🙂

  2. Emily said:

    Haha! That line about the birds and the bees is great!

    I saved a huge stack of papers from my students when I taught English in Mexico. Whenever I’m feeling blue I read their hilarious attempts at writing and it always cheers me up. Just one of the many reasons that teaching is so rewarding. Haha!

  3. Deanna said:

    Okay, I don’t teach school like you guys but I do deal with ALL CHILDREN at church. I have a few cute sayings I’ve heard over the past few years….gosh, I love these kids!

    kid (3 years old): “Mrs. Deanna, I have a headache….in my throat.”
    me: “Okay, so your throat hurts?”
    same kid: “No, it’s just a headache…in my throat.”
    me: “Alright, well just let me know when it starts hurting.”
    (Apparently this kid has heard me TOO many times saying ‘I’ve got a headache’!)

    One of my kids’ cats had kittens & he was telling me about his favorite kitten. He told me his name & I couldn’t tell if the kitten was a boy or girl so I asked him. This was his reply:
    “Well, he’s half and half. His Daddy was a boy & his Mama was a girl.”
    I laughed so hard I peed in my pants…no joke.

  4. Lou said:

    I wish I could have a recorder on me at all times, because between Colton and all the years I have worked with kids at church I could fill a notebook.

    I picked Colton up from mothers one day this week (he is staying with mother and daddy now) and I always ask “what did you do today?” His sweet blue eyes got real big and he replys, “I saw a barmet!”
    I said “you saw what?”
    He says ” A barmet. It was black and in a tree.”
    He and his papa had spotted a “varmint” in the edge of the woods and they had went to take a closer look.
    The look on his face telling me about the “barmet” was priceless.

  5. Dani said:

    I’m like Lou. I wish I had a tape recorder with all the things my kids say. I just never know what will pop out of their mouths, like when Abbey Beth told the doctor she didn’t want another boy because they just pee on people!

  6. Katie said:

    Emily- I love your blog and your lovely writing! The best paycheck that we get as teachers is just listening to what the kids have to say! These are some of my personal faves…

    “Mrs. Naron, you look JUST LIKE Mariah Carey!”

    “Mrs. Naron, what is diarrhea?”

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