The truth about my sanity

Date October 2, 2008

Lindsay thinks I’m some sort of super star teacher.  She said so in this post.  (this one, too come to think of it.  Thus, I must offer a rebuttal.

Note to Lindsay: I ain’t nuthin’ special.

Seriously, I think Linds has this fluffed up idea of me.  That’s probably just because I tell funny stories about my students constantly or share their funny quotes and because I’m lame enough to think others are remotely interested.

They aren’t.

The truth is, I couldn’t do anything else if I tried (or wanted to).  So I teach and that choice in and of itself makes me crazy the biggest part of the time.

I am teacher.  Hear me roar (or sob depending on what sort of day it is).

But Lindsay, dearest, I am not sane.  I promise you.  In fact, today I heard myself say out loud, “Son, do you value your life?”

And then I passed out a crossword.

9 Responses to “The truth about my sanity”

  1. Deanna said:

    The best, and most memorable, teachers I had in school were the ones who knew how to ‘let their hair down’ and act a little crazy every now and then, but teach in the process. From your blogs I can tell you’re kids are going to remember you forever!

  2. Deanna said:

    Okay, it’s YOUR and not YOU’RE….I know this….and some of you maybe didn’t even catch it…but my OCD kicked in and I had to correct myself. 🙂

  3. Lou said:

    You have got to be a great teacher, there is no doubt in my mind.

    Deanna, I did not pick up on “you’re” (lol) incorrect usage of proper grammer until reading your second post. How bad is that?

  4. Sisser said:

    i’ll vouch for you not being sane. lawd knows that’s the truth.

  5. Cori said:

    Hey, What’s up with this “I ain’t nuthin’ special?” stuff? As someone who discovered your blog via a Diet Coke Addiction Connection (yes, I still visit.) and have since made it a habit of stopping over to read about life in Colombia, funny kid stories, stories about sisser and life in the south where the pace is slow and everything just sounds romantic when you write it the way you do. So, stop this humility stuff, and face it: none of us are completely sane (I personally roared on my own blog this past week, it must be in the Diet Coke.) but I think thats what makes you so dadgum special. 🙂

  6. Nieca said:

    Emily Lane!!! You most certainly are “sompin’ special!!!” Being a teacher in today’s whirlwind society is probably by far one of the hardest jobs around. Especially since most of the baby-boomers somehow managed to forget what the twist or pull of an ear, or mainly just a good ole’ introduction of humility and respect with the hand to the backside felt like. AND to be a teacher in another country with another language, different culture, etc…… SISTER– YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY SPECIAL SO YOU BETCHA “HEAR ME ROAR”, should definitely be a part of your vocabulary!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  7. Amy Laboe said:

    I know exactly how you feel. The sad part for me is asking my students what the hell I just said…. my mind is going.

  8. Kate McDonald said:

    Just for the record, I think all teachers are special. Its a job the rest of us couldn’t do!

  9. Lindsay said:

    I am so behind on your blog!
    But I LOVE it. Thanks for trying to sound humble but I still think you are a WAY better teacher than I. Don’t make me bring up the swim lessons when my kids looked longingly at your class.