who runs 13 miles just for fun?

Date September 15, 2008

Seriously, sometimes I just don’t have it together.

I think I’m all buff and I want to be super athletic and hard core and all those other things that my heroes are.

But I’m not those things. At all.

I’m no Linds or Whit or Jimmy (I’m SO NOT JIMMY). I’m just me with another 13.1 miles under my belt.

And friends, if I EVER– I mean EVER– tell you I want to do another one of these things, hug me with two arms and then threaten me with my life. ‘Cause I don’t really (not really) want to do another one of these things.

Especially in Medellin. Which is four hours down the curvy road. Into the valley. On a bus. Where it’s hot.

But that’s another post altogether.

For your viewing pleasure:

The pre-race pig out.

And the post race it’s hot as all get out and this race didn’t start until 9:00 and ohmygosh I hurt all over and whyohwhy did I run in a cotton t-shirt and DAVID please, please, please quit leaning on me I’m about to pass out picture.

And for those of you who wondered, no I did not meet my goal. Not even close. In fact, I was LOTS slower than the first one of these idiotic efforts I put forth. I’m blaming it on nerves and the heat the absence of my psycho fast-she-wears-pink-and-I-don’t sister-in-law.

And other things that I shan’t include via blog.

You’re welcome.

6 Responses to “who runs 13 miles just for fun?”

  1. Ann Monroe said:

    If you come back to Oxford, we can run together and train for another half marathon! OR…We can run together and train for a 5K (does that sound better). I need to get back to the running. You can be my trainer. Sounds fun, right?

  2. Nieca said:

    Wow!!! Emily, what an exciting life you lead!!! And, sweet pea, you look good with your “male” friend!!! Is that a possibility??!!

  3. Lou said:

    I praise you just for the run period. I can only run if something really scary is chasing me and then I probably couldn’t run fast enough for it not to get me.

    Fun post and loved the pictures. I would tell you to tell Nieca…non of you business but I wandered the same thing. hahahaha

    Love Ya

  4. Dani said:

    hahaha We cousins all think alike… b/c I too wondered about the possibility.

    I always wished I could run like that, but now it is just not even thought about! The most running I get is chasing my kids around!

    Love you!

  5. Lindsay Nash said:

    EM! Wow I am so proud of you! You go girl! So what’s next?!?!

    BTW, who is that hunka hunka sitting so sweetly on the seat next to you?

    About the other thing we talked about, I wish I could tell you where to start. But I’m betting you’ll figure it out before me and then you let me know.

  6. Darlene said:

    Ok, I’m proud of you. As with Lou, something would have to be chasing me for me to run at all. And then it would have to be something that would scare me to death. A few of us from the bank have started walking at 5:15 (yes, a.m., I think we’re crazy…I didn’t think anything-especially anybody-was awake here at that time, but it actually is some movement around town that early). It’s good, I guess. They say “we” feel better. I haven’t “felt” it yet. Maybe soon. Have a good one!