Ragamuffin Top Challenge Week 2

Date June 8, 2008

How did I get myself into this? I’m such a sucker for peer pressure. So, week 2 of the good ole challenge.

I’ve been training for a triathlon that a friend has roped me into completing with her. (note again, sucker for peer pressure) I’ll admit, though, that it’s helped me build up my mileage, increase my speed, and added to my overall health. Until this week that is.

I’ve had a nagging pain in my hip (okay it’s not really my hip. It’s more like my groin, but I didn’t really want to blog about my groin. Kinda personal. Don’tcha think?) Anywho, the pain became a little more than nagging after last Saturday’s long run and Tuesday’s swim. So, I’ve done zero exercise this week. Lots of ice, lots of Advil and lot’s of eating less than I want to in the hopes of balancing out the no exercise thing.

And, although I feel a little lazy, no severe weight loss goal damage has been done. Down .5 kilos! Yes, kilograms. Conveniently, there are no scales that use pounds in Colombia. Zero mileage for the week, but the hip pain (that’s not really hip pain) seems to have eased and I should be back on the road bright and early Monday morning!

My picture contributions don’t really fit, I don’t suppose, but my kids loved that I didn’t get up at 5:00 to go running this week. They also loved that I shared my snack with them everyday. So, we took a picture to celebrate “Miss-Witt-is-hungry-and-really-misses-Diet Coke-but-she-is-very-tough.” Do you think Carlos will kick me out? (insert sarcastic whiny voice and wink here.) Gosh. I sure hope not. The other is my 5:00 a.m./Medellin media marathon running buddy. He liked sleeping in, too.

So, how’d you do in the ragamuffin top challenge? Go show other ragamuffin toppers some love!

3 Responses to “Ragamuffin Top Challenge Week 2”

  1. Lou said:

    I was down a 1 lb. and 2oz. last week but I just went to weight and it was back but I am going to blame that on the fact that I just ate lunch. My exercise was limited last week to as well due to heat and humidity and just plain “to old to handle it like I used too”

  2. Amy (Dandelion Seeds) said:

    Too funny… Looking forward to seeing how you did this week! Keep going!

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