a list

Date May 6, 2008

-I’ve been out of school for five days.

-I really like sunshine.

-So, I took a little vacation.

-No internet.

-No TV.

-It’s fun to disconnect sometimes.

-I had LOTS of emails to return.

-One was from Pat. He submitted something I wrote to The Local Voice.

-Dude! They published it!

-I go back to school tomorrow.

-My kids are cute.

-But, ugh.

-I’d rather read and write all day.

2 Responses to “a list”

  1. Lou said:

    Glad you were able to get away. Missed you writing. I will expect a full report on the get-away.
    Love Ya

  2. Frances said:

    It is fun to disconnect sometimes! At the my camp, i don’t get cell phone service… so i only check messages and make calls when we drive into town! Sure its annoying at times, and maybe i’m switching plans this summer (we’ll see:), but.. it does feel just kindof amazing to be disconnected.
    Hope your back-to-school is going well!