this is what i’ve been doing

Date March 30, 2011

I remember when I worked in Oxford (back in da day).  I was a blubbering-first-year-teacher-mess the biggest part of the time.  The sweet lady at Handy Andy even started giving me free banana pudding by sometime in late September– I mean, things are getting ugly when you’re going to a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint to pig out at 3:30 in the afternoon—It must’ve been obvious; I NEEDED that banana pudding.

Anywho, while I was teaching there, Ms. Peggy and Ms. Sherry– two teachers I forever want to be like when I grow up–were always talking to me about:  THE BOX.

This year I met THE BOX for myself.

I’ve spent the last year of my life writing about the students I teach, reading about what I teach, watching horrendous videos of myself as I teach, and writing– you guessed it– about the way that I teach.

All of this in the hopes of obtaining The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification.  Big whoop to most of you, I’m sure, but I’ve got my fingers crossed and my thumbs up anyway!

the box 1

That’s me and the mentor I nearly drove mad through this process.  Cute, right?

And here’s the picture of us that I wouldn’t be embarrassed for my daddy to show to his friends.

Pictuer with the box 2

Now, I just have to wait until November to see if I passed!  Y’all cross your fingers, too, okay?

(‘Cause if I fail, I’ll have to pay Sweet Husband back for all of those little white donuts and Diet Cokes he bought to keep me happy!)

9 Responses to “this is what i’ve been doing”

  1. lynn lott said:

    National Board…..You Go Girl!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!! Congrats!!! Hope you are well. Blessings to you!!

    in HIS love and mine,
    lynn <

  2. Amy said:

    So does this mean you can start planning an adventure again?

  3. felicia said:

    I am so excited- I know you will certify. Isn’t mailing the box off the best feeling in the world…
    I laid hands on mine and prayed over it. Let me know when you take your test I’ll pray for you then, too.

  4. Lou said:

    I don’t even understand why you would even sweat it! I have never even been in a class room with you but just knowing you and they way you are (that is a good thing) I know it will be a breeze.

    Glad to see your post today. I am in the office by myself now so I am limited in my play time. I still check at least once a week.

  5. sisser said:

    that does not look like a cute teacher outfit. what was the point in me cleaning out my closet for you if you’re still gonna wear that drab mess. put on something sparkly and hot, for heaven’s sake. cute teacher. not dike teacher. might wanna put up a reminder on your mirror.

  6. deanna said:

    You got this, girl! Good luck!!!

  7. me said:

    Emily, I LOVE your sister!

  8. Summer said:

    Congrats!! I know you will get it, Em!

  9. Lindsay said:

    EM!!!! Just stalked you on FB to see you never get on there anymore. So happy to see you’re still writing away. Congrats and best of luck on the Boards! I know you’ll breeze through it.
    Lots of life changes here…we got us a cute little boy–Finn–named after none other than Huckleberry. And we’re still kicking it in Korea for now.
    OK, guess I should go through this in a proper e-mail. But who wants to be proper?
    Love and miss you!!!