and who is raising her?

Date January 25, 2011

She is absent again today.

No eager hand raised at table one.  No sweet, patient spirit to work with Quinn at table two.  No look-at-these-new-earrings-I-got greeting at the door this morning.

Because she isn’t here.

She’s at home with her baby sister.  Her brother is there, too.   “He just turned four!” she told me one day last week.

Her mother got called into work.  She’s doing all she can to feed them– Angel and her six siblings– days at the cleaners, nights at the Quick Stop down on Eighth.

She’s feeding them and Angel’s raising them.

“I just turned twelve!” she told me one day last week.

9 Responses to “and who is raising her?”

  1. me said:

    hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm. Thanks, Em. I’m already in a sad mood today.

  2. Summer said:

    How sad, Em!

  3. deanna said:

    Aww.. This breaks my heart. 🙁

  4. Dani said:

    That is so sad. Make me realize that kids lives are not always easy. But, at least that mama is trying. She has a job and is trying to support her kids. Other mamas are just sitting back enjoying their monthly check.

  5. Trava said:

    She will do great things, because she is doing great things! God bless the child….

  6. LB said:

    Maybe it’s just because I’m up too late, but I have a feeling I would have cried anyway. Bless her sweet soul and you too.

  7. Lou said:

    Bless the children and bless the momma too.

    It is sad but all too true in the days we live in.

    Ditto to Dani’s comment. She is working and trying and not sitting on her be-hind waiting on the check.

  8. Robin said:

    She will learn so much more than those who haven’t lived her special circumstances…probably some happys and sads…but a full life with a family. Never too shabby.

  9. Trava said:

    I agree with Robin. The life lessons she has already learned will make her appreciate more the blessings she will receive as she gets older. She’ll not be the spoiled brat that maybe some of the children her age will grow up to be. She will learn from her hard working mother how to be a responsible adult.