it’s just around the corner, right?

Date February 22, 2010

It feels like my feet haven’t been warm at all in the last ten years.  It’s raining again and I think I left my umbrella hanging on that little blue hook in the back of my classroom.  My hair is flat and lifeless; my temper’s fuse is short and ever-burning.

There are dark circles under both of my eyes– looking more and more like charcoal due to the pastiness of my February flesh.  That tire around my waist is growing, exponentially, I believe.  Even if you can’t really tell because it’s hidden under this hand-me-down hoodie.

Spring, are we there yet?

3 Responses to “it’s just around the corner, right?”

  1. Lou said:

    Yea! Em, has written on her blog site today.

    It will tickle you to know that I had to get my dictionary out for your post today. hahahahaha

    Amen on the “Spring are you here yet?” Saturday was absolutely wonderful. I have determined it was A) a cruel joke, B) a reminder that spring is real and will be here again, or C) timely medicine from our Great Creator to help us keep from going insane. I think I am going with C.

    Love you and good to hear from you. I still check it every day…..just in case.

  2. robin said:

    goodness, Em. It’s good to know (despite your superhuman feats) that you are human, too.

    Yes…will we ever see the Spring again!? The answer is, of course.
    The extremes of Summer and Winter make us look up and shake our fists for answers, and Spring and Fall are the slow but steady replies.


  3. Blake said:

    When will you start running again?