yes, ma’am, it was.

Date June 21, 2009

“I’ve had a splendid time,” she concluded happily, “and I feel that it marks an epoch in my life.  But the best of it all was the coming home.”

-from Anne of Green Gables

8 Responses to “yes, ma’am, it was.”

  1. Anya said:

    Very fitting. 🙂

  2. Lou said:

    Yes, I would agree. And that is true regardless of how far and for how long, home is always best.

  3. deanna said:

    Glad you are back!

  4. Shelley said:

    Glad you are bak home!! I saw your wedding announcement in the paper today. Great picture Em

  5. Summer said:

    Glad you’re back safe and sound. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. And, as always, I appreciate the nod to my girl Anne.

  6. me said:

    Okay, now I HAVE to read that dumb book!

  7. Paula said:

    Hola, me alegra mucho que ya estes feliz, en casa y haciendo divertidos preparativos.
    Aqui siempre te recordaremos y ademas esperaremos ojala en un cargo con mas pantalones!
    Saludes de Ricardo
    Un abrazo

    ¿No has vuelto a escribir en el blog o es que como soy nueva (no hueva) en estas cosas no veo?

  8. deanna said:

    Ok, just because you’re married now doesn’t mean you can’t blog anymore! 🙂