what a mix!

Date June 17, 2009

Two monitas, los quatro Colombianos y one dinner de sopa mexicana!  Que rico!

8 Responses to “what a mix!”

  1. Amy said:

    Que guapos y que rico!

  2. Amy said:

    oh wait! I can sorta see a big ROCK on your finger in that photo!

  3. deanna said:

    I’m trying to zoom in to see that rock too!

  4. K said:

    a scarf, AND a manicure. oh em, i am so proud-

  5. Lou said:

    Reading the comments were too funny. I am looking for that rock, too. I can see something but the position of your had just makes it difficult. I am impressed to with those nails.

    Are we funny or what! (commentors)

  6. Robin said:

    you do look oh-so-vurry nice in this pic!!
    Did he fed-ex you a ring? 🙂

  7. Darlene said:

    Seen the rock; it is absolutely beautiful! I told your mom you look so pretty in this picture! See you next week.

  8. Kyles said:

    Oh… Girl, how i wish we didn’t live so far apart!!

    I agree with everyone else, your ring does look big and YES you are absolutely glowing with happiness!!