more than adventures

Date May 25, 2009

Spending eight days with six Colombian children in the good ole US of A was more than an adventure.

It was a reminder that not everyone has eaten a biscuit and not everyone has to love them.  It was a chance to make driving a fifteen passenger van look luxurious.  It was a time when Spanish became a language we used like secret agents in elevators.  It was late night snack sessions and lots of hugs.  Jokes about different names for love handles, bodily functions, and brain freeze. Giggles and roller coasters and the chance to live in counselor mode again.  Braids and sunscreen and hot dogs with mustard.  

It was a time to burst with pride when I heard pleases, thank yous, ma’ams and sirs all flavored with precious Spanish accents.  It was being grateful when a stranger held open a door for me and hearing my boys say, “I thought you were kidding, Mees, but they REALLY do do that!”  It was watching as they all stood patiently in long lines using the time to look around wide-eyed at a completely different world.

It was watching them walk like grown ups down a concourse, leaving me behind and realizing that leaving Colombia’s children might just be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

4 Responses to “more than adventures”

  1. sherry said:

    Ah more precious memories to keep near your heart! Isn’t it all worthwhile when they they make you so proud with their remembered manners! Isn’t it wonderful to see things through the eyes of children, full of wonder and awe! How was the competition??? Are you going to sleep for at least a week to recover?

  2. deanna said:

    I loved reading this. I love reading about all your adventures. I’m glad those kids got to experience a little of what you’ve been teaching them!

  3. Lou said:

    It will be hard but you have tons of memories that you never have to leave behind.

  4. Kyles said:

    How i love reading your messages! it helps me escape life here for a split second. 🙂
    Keep them coming!