in case you didn’t know

Date May 23, 2009

FACT:  If a child drinks three containers of chocolate milk at lunch, there shall be vomit.

FACT:  All gaseous type expulsions cease to be funny after midnight on the fifth day of travel.

FACT:  Morning people are weirdos that should be locked up for life.

FACT:  Wal-mart is a breeding ground for animalistic behavior.

FACT:  Patience is a virtue that takes a hike during long lunch lines in the noonday heat.

FACT:  Teachers have an innate ability to invoke fear in the young.  Or not.

FACT:  The nursing profession is highly underrated.

FACT:  But this job rocks.

4 Responses to “in case you didn’t know”

  1. deanna said:


  2. Lou said:

    wisdom abounds

  3. Anya said:

    Ha! Love it! All the above are true!

  4. Connie Jaramillo said:

    jajaja well hahahaha