puentes: bridges or long weekends

Date May 4, 2009

The finca where we stayed.  With four Colombian families.  That speak zero English.  Until they step into a frigid shower.  When the word s**t becomes universal.

Standing next to a waterfall.  That we had to walk past a bear’s cave to find.  In the rain.  Through shin deep mud.  With a temperature of approximately 40 degrees.  Holy cow.  Or bear.  Whatever.

Sitting on a bench.  At the top of a mountain.  That was across six log bridges.  That were laying over one mean looking, rain-swelled river.  Where we drank sugar cane water and ate chunks of cheese.  For a thrifty 3.000 pesos.  Supply and demand.  Sheesh.

4 Responses to “puentes: bridges or long weekends”

  1. deanna said:

    Thanks for supplying the definition of puentes!

    Y’all look like you’re having a good time. And girl you looking skinny! Lou & Sheila are about to start ‘the Shred’ and I most definitely need to join them! 🙂

  2. Lindsay said:

    Are you coming home with those boots?! I need some of them.
    Looks like a blast! Once in a lifetime kinda stuff!

  3. Lou said:

    I am shivering for some reason. I just felt wet and damp.

    Still looks like fun though. Did you see the bear or hear the bear?

    That just seems hilarious to me for some reason.

  4. sherry said:

    What an adventure you are living! That big Southern smile says you are enjoying life too! Thank heavens for boots (even if they don’t win any beauty contests!). Brrrrr I’m cold just thinking of being wet and cold. However, the Texas humidity has arrived and temps. of 90 are here too, right along with the mosquitoes after the flooding this last week. Ahhhh Texas!!!