Welcome to Manizales. Here’s your umbrella.

Date March 24, 2009

You know that scene in all of those bad romantic comedies where the blonde stands on the sidewalk grinning like a bobcat on crack and then the bus drives by and drenches her with grody, nasty street water?  Yeah, that’s never happened to me.

And the wet dog look?  Who me?  Never in a million.

And there you have it, friends, a day in the life.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Manizales. Here’s your umbrella.”

  1. deanna said:

    It’s pouring down rain here in MS right now…and I look like I fell into a swimming pool with my clothes on! I had a raincoat but left my umbrella at work on my desk. Therefore, my pants look just like yours in the picture. And my hair? Well, its always a mess! 🙂

  2. deanna said:

    P.S. Maybe the sun’ll come out tomorrow!!!!

  3. Sisser said:

    same thing happened to me in london. swear. ‘cept it was prolly worse. i had gotten real cute that day too. we suck.

  4. Lou said:

    Tha sun’ll come out tomorrow, tomorrow.

  5. Amy Laboe said:

    I’ll never forget that the first day I wore my cute, new Colombian slip-on sneakers it started to pour down rain. There was flooding in the street- maybe 5 inches, and I had to get off the bus and step down into that nasty water… luckily my shoes didn’t get ruined!

  6. Robin said:

    street-water soup for the soul.

    At least you were on your way home…maybe:)