timing and direction

Date February 27, 2009

My friends are perpetually late.  All of them, if you can believe it, but especially the Rossettis.  And the truth is, it may very well be my favorite thing about them.

There was a package on my desk this morning – one whose return address was stateside.  I tore it open like an anxious child and laughed out loud at the “Happy Birthday!” card that sat atop a bunch of goodies.  The card played “Brick House” when I opened it and I admit to shamelessly breaking it down in my classroom.

I dug through rice krispie treats, cheeze its, and cereal and I marveled at the way a finger painting by a four year old could rip me wide open.

At last, I picked up the only thing that remained – a compass.  The sting of tears almost overcame me as I watched the needle dance toward North.

North toward home, like Willy said. 

And I realized then as my tears fell like the Manizales rain, that Ben and Lindsay might have missed my birthday by the better part of four months, but their timing has never been more perfect.

2 Responses to “timing and direction”

  1. Frances said:

    Aw, that is neat. I can actually really understand! Timing is important, and being “on time” isn’t always best!

    …And I’m not just saying that because I have this nearly-completed care package sitting behind my door that yes, has a couple outdated cards in it as well… it will come, eventually, I promise! 🙂

  2. Lindsay said:

    I feel like a celebrity!!!! Love you!