honesty scrap

Date January 22, 2009

I’m not so sure about this total honesty thing viewed by the world wide web, but Dani tagged me and I dare not let her down.  So, here goes.  Ten honest (and very random) things about me.

#1- I rub my feet when I’m tired.  Well, the one on the bottom.  I stack them, see, and then rub the bottom one against the floor or the sheet or whatever I might be lying on at the moment.  Momma still fusses if I’m in my spot on the floor at her house.  “Emily, get up and go to bed or quit rubbing your feet!”

#2- I wish Dolly Parton was my neighbor.  Seriously, I adore her and the fact that she once wrote a song using her fingernails as percussion.  She’s also quoted as saying, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap, honey.” which is flat out awesome.  And that’s not even considering Steel Magnolias or her singing old hymns in that bluegrass soprano of hers.

#3- If I want to impress my students, I do a back bend ’cause I’m cool like that.  Yes, in my teacher clothes. 

#4- I think people who walk on tile floors barefoot are gross, but I don’t have the nerve to tell them.  So I just think to myself, “Ew.  That is so incredibly disgusting” and go on about my day.

#5- I still stand on the hearth at my parents’ house and give concerts.  Yes, I realize that I’m an adult, but I’m also quite certain that I was a rock star in another life.  I’m telling the truth.  Nobody, I mean nobody, can sing “I Have Nothing” like I can.  Except for maybe Whitney and who cares about her anyway?

#6- If challenged to run, swim, or bike to any given destination, I’d choose to swim without a moment’s hesitation.  I’m good in the water even if I don’t look like I used to in a swimsuit.  (As reaffirmed by a student who saw me in my tenure at the Oxford City Pool.  “Ugh.  Mih Witt, teacher’s ain’t s’posed to be wearin’ no swimmin’ suits.”)

#7- I am a shameless fan of country music.  I love it all.  Hank.  Garth.  Martina.  Johnny.  Willie.  REBA.  And, yes, I know each and every one of them on a first name basis, thankyouverymuch.  Oh, my current obsession is Lady Antebellum because “All We’d Ever Need” just rips me wide open.

#8- Horror movies and dumb funny movies do absolutely nothing for me.  No, I don’t like Ben Stiller nor do I laugh at his absurd attempts at comedy and blood and guts make me want to vomit.  I’m sorry if that offends you. But not really.

#9- I can’t stand to sleep in the bed with people.  I’d rather sleep on the floor.  Just ask the girls, they’ll tell you.  They’d want us all four to climb up in the bed together in college and I’d say no, thank you everytime.  Bless the heart of the poor man that might be in my future.  Bless him.

#10- I’m messy.  Not dirty,  but messy, and there is a very obvious difference.  Dirty is hair in the bathroom sink and weeks of unwashed dishes.  Dirty is left over food in the refrigerator and unflushed toilets.  Messy is clothes on the bed (or floor or chair) and shoes that aren’t put away and is generally contained to individual space, at least in my opinion.  (Yes, Mother, I know that your opinion is contrary to this one and I promise I made my bed this morning.)

I officially tag Lindsay R., Summer, and Anna.  So you girls go on and spill it.

6 Responses to “honesty scrap”

  1. Dani said:

    Yea! Thanks Em! I’m still a little concerned about the feet rubbing. I wish I could do a back bend. I think if I tried now, I’d be hurt for a month!

    Love you!

  2. Sisser said:

    #1 – Sisser, I rub my feet too. Ain’t that sweet? Did you know I have a mole in my eyebrow just like yours, Sisser?

    #2 – You used to have Dolly Parton’s boobs. That’s closer than most people get.

    #3 – A backbend? That’s disturbing.

    #4 – I’ll walk pretty much anywhere barefoot. I don’t really care about germs. And I’m quite certain I could think of some nasty things that you do that I don’t approve of, so I don’t really care if you think I’m disgusting. Get off me.

    #5 – I could do without the concerts, thanks.

    #6 – I would dominate your face in a swim, but I wouldn’t mind if we both did it in long pants and tshirts. I’m not a fan of the swimsuit either. Does nothing for my flanks.

    #7 – I mighta been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my name.

    #8 – Ben Still blows goats, but Will Ferrell – that shiz is funny.

    #9 – You can’t stand to sleep in the bed with people? If that were true, then I would think you’d understand why I would prefer you to sleep with pants on when in the same bed with me. Thanks.

    #10 – Messy may not always mean dirty, but I think if you reach a certain level of messiness it can be considered dirty. And Sisser, sometimes yo’ house be gettin’ real messy. Eww.

    #11 – I got da luh for a Sisser, Sisser.

  3. Brenton said:

    #1 – When I’m tired I rub my face and hair. So I’m with you. People probably think I have head lice, but no. I was just up too late gambling.

    #2 – One time I went to Dollywood. Because I’m from East Tennessee and that’s what we do around the holidays.

    #3 – Why have I never seen said backbend? I would have thought it would have made an appearance at a lifeguard night out. Especially ones at Oxford Place. Jean shorts. Nuff said. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/7s3zfJ6hFWdw51RQpgFP3g?feat=directlink

    #4 – When I read this I just contemplated the number of times you must have looked at me, thinking “Ew.” Because like Katy, I am barefoot. All. The. Time.

    #5 – How many songs can you sing that involve rain?

    #6 – You know who liked you in a swimsuit? Rami.

    #7 – I’ll be honest. You people at the City Pool apparently rubbed off on me. I had so much fun at that Paisley concert you would have thought it was Disneyworld. Even though my beautiful girlfriend wouldn’t stop drooling over Dierks Bentley. To compound my embarrassment, I was updating my Facebook status and watched in horror as my fingers typed out: Brenton is “waiting on a woman”.

    #8 – Tropic Thunder was only funny because of Robert Downey Jr. And I agree with you about Ben Stiller. And I agree with Katy, but only up to Talladega Nights. All the Ferrell-silly-sports movies after that were lame.

    #9 – So when you get married, it’s going to be like a Lucy and Ricky situation? Two beds, two lamps? And thank your stars that I didn’t type what I wanted to here about lots of girls in one bed and the inevitable pillow-fighting diatribe I could have ventured upon.

    #10 – After living with Justin for four years, I officially am no longer messy. That burned it out of my system. You should see my house. It’s spiffy.

    #11 – I’m sad we didn’t get to see each other over Christmas. When are you coming back again? And Katy – I want to see you too. When are you going to be in P-toc next?

    Lastly, as I post this picture, I’m sending good thoughts and laughter your way….


  4. Blake said:

    I really like horror movies. But my wife doesn’t. So I haven’t seen as many lately (like the last 10 years) because I have to wait til she’s asleep to watch them!

    But Friday The Thirteenth is coming back out.

  5. Stuts said:

    Somehow I don’t think you’ll mind sleeping in the bed with the man God is going to bring you!

  6. Lindsay said:

    I did it. Finally. Love you!