fifth graders flirt and i’m against it

Date January 19, 2009

Teaching fifth graders has been an adjustment for me. 

No, they don’t lose teeth anymore and that’s a plus.  Their whiny voices rarely rear their ugly heads and instructions are generally heard and followed without the third grade tendency to ask 563 questions and those things make me happy.

But they hold hands and giggle and write notes with hearts all over them.  And, friends, I am NOT prepared to handle this.  The good Lord knows that I failed Relationships 101 (more than once) and to be honest, it just freaks me out.  They should want to hug me, for Pete’s sake, not the dark eyed beauty in the classroom next door! 

I’ve really handled it well thus far.  I have.  No panic attacks, no breakdowns, but today five (not two, not three, FIVE) of my girls came in from recess wearing the pinkest lipstick you’ve ever seen.  Think Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30

But on crack. 

And right behind them?  The sweetest freckled face you’ve ever seen attached to the shoulders of the lovliest little ten year old kid in Colombia and he grinned at me like it was Christmas morning. 

“Heya, handsome, ” I said happy to see him so happy.

“Hey, Miss!” he said as he floated past me.

And then I saw it- an outline of two perfectly pink lips covering those baby boy freckles on the left side of his baby boy face.

Heaven, help me, I’m not ready for this.

10 Responses to “fifth graders flirt and i’m against it”

  1. Summer said:

    Well, I might have “gone out” with a boy named Chris in the 5th grade, but there certainly was no playground kissing! 🙂

  2. Brenton said:

    I blame the girls.

  3. Dani said:

    That gave me a good laugh this afternoon! I remember holding hands in fifth grade and thinking I was doing something really bad. I didn’t even want to tell my mama! Kissing? NO WAY! I so dread when my kids get old enough for that. No wait, they will NEVER and I do mean NEVER be old enough for that!

  4. Stephen said:

    Ella will never kiss a boy. Ever. Unless it’s me.

  5. Lou said:

    This was soooo funny to read. It took me back to two different “kisses” in my life both took place on the church yard. (and yes I was afraid of going to hell for it). The first I can not actually remember because I was so young but it was after VBS commencmet and some of the older kids had me and Perry Y. sitting in little chairs and they actually married us. Perry and I have gotten more than one laugh out of that. The second was with Perry again (how funny is that) but we were in our early teens and were “going together” and he kssed me in the parking lot on Sunday night. That is the one I was so convicted about…I just knew God would never forgive me for that. He did and now it is just funny to have that memory brought up again today.

  6. Deanna said:

    I remember hating to go to recess in Kindergarten, YES KINDERGARTEN!, because all the boys wanted to play “Kiss Chase”.

    The boys were always ‘it’ and would chase the girls. And if you got caught, you got kissed!

    I too hated to let my Mama & Daddy know I participated in this game!

  7. Dani said:

    Em, I tagged you for the honest scrap. I hope you will find the time to do it!

    Loving you!

  8. sherry said:

    How do they grow up so fast? Our fifth graders are up to the same nonsense! Another good reason to teach 2nd grade. Did you know in 2nd grade you can catch “cooties” from the opposite sex so that keeps the kissing at recess down.

  9. a blast from my camp counselor past | Among the Wildflowers said:

    […] for some reason, the fact that fifth graders flirt doesn’t bother me so much […]

  10. Tami said:

    im in 5th grade and the kids act like teens! its almost scary