because there’s no way to catch up on three weeks sans internet

Date January 12, 2009

  • Three breakfasts in one day helps you gain 2 or 12 pounds.  I’m just sayin’.
  • Momma’s house smelled just like I remembered it.
  • Sisser and I took Mamaw to visit a friend from college and loved it.

  • The family played an obscene amount of games.  Mississippi Marbles is my new favorite.

the aforementioned family.  the girls at least.

  • I only went to the movies once.
  • When I moved out, Mom made my bedroom the breakfast room.  I sleep on the floor now.
  • The girls and I met at Keifer’s and talked about the era when we only wore black, stretchy pants.
  • Summer gave me lots of books to bring back.
  • Wal-Mart scares me.
  • There ain’t nothing wrong with a Sonic corn dog at midnight.
  • Ada and I shook em on down like we were 17 again.
  • The list of things I forgot to bring is looooooong.
  • Coming back to Manizales didn’t seem strange at all.  And Hugo held my hand when I stepped off the plane.  Bless him.
  • Sisser rocks my face off.  Does.  Miss her.

12 Responses to “because there’s no way to catch up on three weeks sans internet”

  1. Lauren said:

    That’s a really good picture of you and Katie. It should make barn status.

  2. Amy Laboe said:

    look’er here! Miss Witt is back! You look fiiiiiiine in that fashion sweater sistah!

  3. Deanna said:

    Love the pictures. Aside from the hair, I never realized how much you & Katy look alike. Hope your Christmas was merry & bright!

  4. Lindsay said:

    Your smiles are bigger than ever in those pictures. Katie looks so pretty too!

  5. Summer said:

    Glad to see you back in the blog world! I’ve missed your updates. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you in Oxford. It was so good to see your smiling face in person!

  6. Lou said:

    Welcome back to bloggingdom! I am glad you had a safe trip back and hope the time goes quick….if you want it too.

    Family times are way tooo much fun. I hate that our Witt gathering breaks up so soon. Me, Nieca and Dani wanted to sing with you sooooo bad. Maybe one day.

    I again look forward to my daily doses of Em.

  7. Dani said:

    It was good to see you and hear your masage story! I look forward to reading it! haha! I hate I didn’t get to see you more.

    I’m glad you had a safe trip back.

    Love you!

  8. Sisser said:

    sisser, i got da chubbiness to me in them pictures. ain’t got da cuteness. i’m a boy.

  9. Sisser said:

    and i look like i got da sickness too i’m so pale. eww.

  10. Kylie said:

    Wow… you and your sista look more and more alike! Glad you had a wonderful time back home, you all look so happy!

  11. Blake said:

    This is a place in Pontotoc that has free wifi. Also, if you were in Oxford there are Plenty of places with wifi there.

  12. me said:

    Keifer’s in Jackson? My grandmother’s office used to be in the building next door and she is BFF with the gay owners. There’s nothing wrong with gay people – I’m just saying. Anyway… if it’s the same Keifer’s I love that place.