subtitles hinder the pretending a bit

Date December 1, 2008

When Lyle and I lived in Australia we spent every dime we earned (and there weren’t many dimes) to meet in Sydney on Saturdays.  He’d come down from the Blue Mountains and I’d come up from the Royal National Park just so we could hear a familiar accent, so we could see a familiar face.

We’d wander around the Harbour and the city streets or lay in the grass talking about whatever came to mind.  Home.  Camp.  Kids.  Books.  Music.  Ice Cream.  It didn’t matter. 

Inevitably by afternoon we’d end up in a movie theatre somewhere.  I asked Lyle once why we always went to movies and he said, “When it’s dark and you’re eating popcorn and Kit Kat bars it’s easy to pretend you’re at home.”

I went to the theatre in Manizales yesterday.  No Lyle.  No Sisser.  Just some popcorn, a diet coke, and pretending I was home.

5 Responses to “subtitles hinder the pretending a bit”

  1. Lou said:

    Oh Em, you will be home soon. Praying every day.
    Live it up everyday regardless where you are.


  2. Dani said:

    Bless your heart! I know you must be getting home sick. It won’t be long. I’ll keep you in my prayers! I love you!

  3. Amy Laboe said:

    Oh, that brings back memories of crispeta and the fat girl tray. Hilaaarious!!! So funny to remember not knowing what the hell they were asking us at the counter the first time we went. I swear there’s a different name for popcorn in every country in the Americas. Tee hee, hahahaha, we had to bargain with each other who was gonna carry that damn tray. Love you!

  4. Sisser said:

    just be thankful it’s not costing you 24 dollars to see that movie. sholl is how much it cost me in london. and sholl did go see them anyway. got dat luh for a sisser.

  5. Emerson said:

    That was a beautiful story. Thanks!