teddy bear shmeddy bear

Date November 20, 2008

School has been out all week due to the landslide situation here in Manizales.  We’re still under red alert and praying against the rain, but teachers came to school today.

We called it a curriculum day in the hopes that we won’t have to extend the year once June rolls around.  (Heaven help me if they do that.  Heaven help THEM, too.  Y’all know I’d be a squalling mess if they tried to delay me seein’ my Momma.)

As part of the curriculum day schedule, we had a workshop on conflict resolution.  We each took surveys and tallied our little score sheets to find out which conflict animal we were. 

There are the foxes who are listening and polite, but always try and lead the way to their point of view.  The owls are optimistic and good listeners who believe that reaching a compromise is probable and possible.  The lions who won’t leave until they’ve won and the turtles who act like they’re listening and nod to make you believe it. 

Then, there are the teddy bears.  For Sisser‘s sake, the Fuzzies of the world.  (Y’all have gotta ask her about Fuzzy because I would NEVER tell you that she still sleeps with him and gets furious if you lay him on the floor or cover his head with blankets.)

Now, let me say this before I move on.  I’m a lover not a fighter. 

But if I must fight, I’m doggone tough.  I promise I am.  I can do ten push ups without stopping – the boy kind- and that ain’t easy, folks!  Equipped with that knowledge would you believe that that silly survey had the nerve to tell me that I’m a teddy bear?  I’m a Fuzzy for cryin’ out loud!

Evidently, I avoid conflict at all costs.  I want to make people feel good so I agree with everything that they say.  I apologize for their feelings and don’t force my opinions on them.  I’m all cuddly and warm and my chief concern is that people like me and want to be my friend.

I briefly considered throwing that blasted survey at them and telling those moe-ron workshop leaders that they didn’t know diddley about me or the way that I handle conflict.  I thought about yelling and stomping my feet until they heard me out.  “I’m an owl!  I’m wise and reasonable and I can accept that we may have different opinions and I can make a valid argument!  I CAN!  DO. YOU. PEOPLE. HEAR. ME??! I am NOT a teddy bear!”

But I didn’t do that.

 I just hugged them both and thanked them for such a lovely and insightful presentation and told them to have a blessed day.

12 Responses to “teddy bear shmeddy bear”

  1. Macie said:

    This leaves me with a smile.

  2. Jacques Cousteau said:

    Did they have a category called Shammy?

  3. Katie said:

    Sorry to agree with the folks leading the workshop, but you, my friend, are such a Teddy Bear!!

  4. Lauren said:

    Emily, Surely you’ve known this before now. And for Mr. Cousteau’s reference, would that be the whale or the thing you use to wash a car?

  5. Summer said:

    LOVE the post, Emily! And I know the feeling. I’m working on my people-pleasing ways, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’d be a doggone teddy bear too!

  6. Lou said:

    You Teddy Bear! hahahaha

    This was too funny!

  7. Nieca said:

    Well, my dear, for the sake of commenting… Could it be that the survey did not take into consideration that YOU are in another country, somewhat away from your comfort zone, trying to survive landslides (and so glad you are), and probably a little bit preoccupied with the Holidays. your Momma, Sisser, and Daddy, and others who may enter your mind ever so often, etc…… All the above would probably cause you to be a snuggly, “Fuzzy,” warm and cuddly TEDDY BEAR!!!!

    BUT who are we kidding…… OF COURSE YOU ARE A TEDDY BEAR!!!!!

    Love ya!!!!

  8. Frances said:

    Ouch. Uh, I’m actually pretty good at coming up with truthful, wise, intelligent arguments.. only they stay in my head and only show up after the situation has actually happened, aaaand I usually don’t tell anyone about them! In fact a lot of the time you could say I’m a teddy bear, who has been used for a door mat! aaaah!!

    No, you’re right. We’re both owls… right? Right.

  9. Dani said:

    I think I’d be scared to know what I’d be! I might be a teddy bear too, but with devil horns hidden behind the ears.

  10. Stephen said:

    You should have twin boys and name them Mortimer and Ronald. Moe and Ron for short.

  11. Celeste said:

    I don’t know about in your personal life, but anyone who thinks you are a teddy bear at work has never seen you try to organize a flag raising!

  12. Trava said:

    YOU. CRACK. ME. UP!! Better a TEDDY BEAR than a GRIZZLY!….. AND I totally agree with Stephen.